Our Guiding Principles

Our moral and ethical compass – which underlines our choices and work – is encapsulated in the ​4SD guiding principles

We always put our purpose ahead
of our own interests

Our purpose is to enable changemakers to be effective
for human rights, equity, justice and regenerative futures for all
in a complex, fast-changing world.

We maintain an independent perspective

We are unaffiliated
We serve the collective interest above the interests of any single actor
We give our unvarnished opinion (backed by science when possible)
We do what we believe is right and fair

We work with all actors, at all
levels (local, national,
regional, global), in all geographies

We believe all actors have an essential role in attaining better futures
We seek to be inclusive, proactive and constructive
We help actors as they work to optimise their societal impact and environmental integrity

We take a people-centered approach

We focus on people’s interests and needs
We aim to help people find their own power
We tailor our approach to specific contexts
We are committed to no-one being left behind
We pay attention to those who feel vulnerable