If you work in contexts that are complex and unpredictable, and you engage with many stakeholders and systems, a 4SD Immersion might be of value to you!

4SD Immersions

Do you want to become more effective as a convenor, curator, enabler and mentor of the people with whom you work? Would you like to be accompanied by others with experience who understand your challenges?

  • If you are inspired by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’s universal principles and vision of the future for people and planet.
  • If you work in contexts that are complex and unpredictable, engaging with many stakeholders and systems.
  • If your responsibilities cut across sectors and disciplines.
  • If you seek new ways to tackle complex issues.

Then a 4SD Immersion might be for you. It is exciting, absorbing… and not easy!

Our immersions explore and engage with the 2030 Agenda through the lens of ‘Living Systems Leadership’. They are designed to help you embrace and navigate complexity, cognition, uncertainty and dilemmas, they equip you with the tools to bring about purpose-driven and people-centred change.

During a 4SD 3-day residential Immersion you will examine, and reflect on, the context of your work.

  • You will dive into the world of Living Systems.
  • You will become more aware of your own living system and the living systems in which we all participate.
  • You will realize that this enhances your ability to influence and enable purposeful cooperation.
  • You will develop relevant and effective ways to transform your challenges and to lead meaningful and enduring change.
  • After the Immersion, you will have the opportunity to engage in a Network of practitioners for regenerative futures where 4SD curates and facilitates further on-line interactions between former participants who learn from and coach each other.

Join Us

Immersions are currently being planned for summer and autumn 2023.

Details will be published here when finalised. If you would like to find out more in the meantime, please feel free to contact us. 

Partner with Us

We also tailor high-intensity multi-day immersive learning experiences that equip established and emerging leaders with the skills, abilities and personal attributes to help them work effectively for sustainable development.

To partner with us on efforts related to training and mentoring, reach out to us via the contact page and we will come back to you asap!


The Immersion is a unique opportunity to pause, reflect, learn and share experiences on how we as leaders apply a living systems approach to the way we work, we manage teams and lead. It’s a deep dive into thinking about how to share our passion for systems and how best to support others in developing that lens while continuing to learn along the journey. As we all engage in accelerating the implementation of the SDGs, this is a great time investment!

I attended the 4SD Immersion in April 2019 and it was a tremendous experience. It was one of the best training sessions I had ever attended, for the people I met, as well as the knowledge and skills we shared.
It gave me a new lens to understand the complexities of the world around me and gave me tools to create more positive impacts for sustainability, taking into account the diversity of the living systems we live in.

The Immersion was inspirational. I learnt about Living Systems and how this could be applied to large or small scale organisations or situations, how my identity plays a vital role in forming relationships and learnt new skills to harness my growth and development within my field.
An added bonus was benefiting from the peer support and experiential learning throughout the few days. I left energised and motivated to face my next challenge!

It was an honor to be among such inspiring and dynamic people. I came away with a better understanding of living systems and with a deeper commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Everything was thoughtfully planned, starting with the agenda and learning sessions to the flexible facilitation, right down to the yoga sessions. The stunning beauty of the location was a wonderful backdrop to it all.

Thanks for a fabulous Immersion, brilliantly organized and facilitated; It was very engaging and stimulating and struck so many great chords.
I love the emphasis on relationships, working with the flow, intuition and recognizing and seizing moments of opportunity… it all fits!

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