Our high-intensity multi-day immersive learning experiences equip leaders with the skills, abilities and personal attributes to help them work effectively for sustainable development.

Training and Mentoring Established and Emerging Leaders

At 4SD, established and emerging leaders includes development practitioners working directly on sustainable development, but our definition also encompasses those who work indirectly for sustainable development from their positions in different sectors and stakeholder groups.

We tailor high-intensity multi-day immersive learning experiences that equip established and emerging leaders with the skills, abilities and personal attributes to help them work effectively for sustainable development. They can involve deep dives into specific issues and can range between:

  • Team Immersions – existing teams undertake deep dives to explore specific shared challenges defined by the organisation, using the lens of Living Systems Leadership
  • Tailored Trainings – working with individual participants and exploring their specific issues and how to advance within the organisation using Living Systems Leadership.

Get in touch with us via the contact form to explore a tailored immersive experience for you and your team.

4SD Immersions for Individuals

We organise the 4SD Immersions for cohorts of individuals from a range of organisations and settings. In instances where a tailored training plan is not feasible, our partners have sometimes included participation in a 4SD Immersion as part of development training for individual systems thinkers in their teams.

On these multi-day experiences held in Geneva, Switzerland, participants share perspectives and experiences while being introduced to the fundamentals of Living Systems Leadership. For more information about the 4SD Immersions, visit 4sd.info.

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Our objectives

Through our training and mentoring activities, participants learn how to better influence how systems behave, and enable others to do this with Living Systems Leadership, setting the direction for systems change and engaging with others in the process. Immersions are for those who see the challenges faced by disadvantaged people as outcomes of different living systems and, therefore, seek:

  • Ways to influence these systems so that they work better for all people and the planet.
  • To understand why the systems function as they do.
  • To learn ways for working with others to influence the ways systems behave.
  • To move towards systems change.
  • To include those who will be affected even if that is neither easy nor convenient.

Partner with Us

To partner with us on training or mentorship, reach out to us via the contact page and we will come back to you asap!

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